Ultrasol 300

Safer Solvent Cleaner

Ultrasol 300 is a blend of high purity aliphatic hydrocarbons with a very low aromatic content. This results in a product that is much safer for the health of workers involved in solvent cleaning operations. Ultrasol 300 is the safer, cold-cleaning alternative to hazardous products based on solvents such as methylene chloride and trichloroethylene. Not classified as flammable and so may be used with fewer restrictions than flammable products.

• Does not damage the ozone layer
• Free from harmful aromatics
• Mild odour
• Has excellent degreasing properties
• Dries residue free
• Cost effective
• Not classified as flammable


• Cleaning and degreasing machine parts
• Cleaning tools
• Degreasing of metals
• Cleaning tar and bitumen from tools and equipment
• Degreasing bearings
• Cleaning electrical parts
• Cleaning oil soaked filters
• Use for all types of cold cleaning applications


Ultrasol 300 should be always be used cold and not mixed with water. May be sprayed on, used in cold dip tanks, or used on a cloth for wiping down etc. Drying times are reduced if excess product is removed from the work piece with a cloth or compressed air. Ultrasol 300 leaves no residues on evaporation.

Test before use if using on plastics or electrical components. May attack some plastics.

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