Ultrasol 120

Safer cleaner for removal of vinyl adhesive labels

General Description
Ultrasol 120 is a unique, cleaning solvent formulated from lower hazard materials. Ultrasol 120 is the ideal safer replacement for dangerous cleaners based on halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents. By using only lower hazard substances we ensure that Ultrasol 120 is safer for people, the environment and materials. Ultrasol 120 has been especially developed for the removal of self-adhesive labels and adhesive residues from cars, trucks, trains etc

Special Features

• Excellent cleaning performance.
• Contains no hazardous aromatics such as xylene or halogenated hydrocarbons such as trichloroethylene.
• Low hazard product has minimal environmental impact.
• Pleasant odour; unlike many other noxious smelling solvents.
• Low volatility reduces wastage due to evaporation, and makes it suitable for use in confined spaces.
• Ensures compliance with safety regulations.
• Non-toxic.
• Non-flammable.

Method of Use

Raise the edge of label or sticker, apply Ultrasol 120 by sprayer or wipe and allow to penetrate the adhesive layer. Slowly peel label or sticker away applying more Ultrasol 120 as required. After label or sticker has been removed, clean away any residual adhesive with a Ultrasol 120 wipe. Dry off with dry wipe.

Always test Ultrasol 120 on a small unobtrusive area before use Avoid prolonged contact with rubber and plastic components.

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