Trainwash AIF

Iron stain remover for foam application

A high performance concentrated train cleaner designed specifically for use through foam arch equipment. Utilises a synergistic blend of surfactants that gives a high quality foam that clings to the train surface giving extended dwell time. A unique blend of three organic acids has been specifically formulated for the fast and effective removal of iron stains from rolling stock that leaves surfaces clean and streak free. Will remove iron brake dust, general grime, tunnel dirt, oil, scale and metallic pollution without damaging the paintwork. Uses an antistatic agent which leaves the vehicle with a bright sheen which resists soiling and makes subsequent cleaning easier.


• High quality cleaning foam
• Concentrated – high performance at high dilution
• Free rinsing – no unsightly hard water stains
• Foam minimises use of chemical
• Removes iron brake dust
• Contains antistatic gloss shine that makes subsequent cleaning easier
• Very quick and effective
• Improved rinsing and sheeting on glass
• Leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and shiny
• Effective at low temperatures
• Effective in hard or soft water
• Removes old thick build up of iron dust
• Removes oil and grease
• Lifts off ordinary soil and grime
• Environmentally considerate

Trainwash AIF has been tested for material compatibility protocol and been shown to be suitable for use in the rail industry.

Method of use

May be diluted with as much as 40 volumes (2.5% v/v) of water depending on degree of soiling.

Automatic Brush Wash
Ensure that the dosing pump has been calibrated for dilution at the appropriate rate. Carry out cleaning as specified by
the brush wash manufacturer.
Foam Arch
Dilution will be set up for each individual customer.

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