Tek Tempsure FS2

High Temperature Food Safe No 2 Grease

General Description
Tek Tempsure FS is designed as a high temperature resistant food grade grease, containing Zonyl. Tek Tempsure FS is NSF H1 Registered, Reg No. 138667 and is ideal for use in lubricating all types of machinery found in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries Suitable for all plain and anti- friction bearings as well as sliding surfaces. Resistant to a wide range of chemical cleaning solutions used in the food and drink industries.

Special Features

• Provides long term lubrication at high temperatures extending lubrication intervals
• Greatly reduced formation of carbon deposits associated with many high temperature greases
• Good sealing properties protects components working in wet environments from corrosion
• Zonyl solid lubricant improves anti-wear performance prolonging component life
• Does not effect most rubber types sealing materials

Typical physical properties

Appearance white tacky grease
NLGI Classification 2
Thickener Aluminium complex
Drop point (IP 132) 250°C
Base oil Polyalphaolefin
Shell Four Ball (IP239) Weld load 700kg
Operating temperature range -40°C to +240°C (PTFE to 350°C) Water washout (ASTM D1264) @ 38 oC <1%
DN factor 400000

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