Long lasting aqueous water repellent

Stonegard is a ready to use aqueous water repellent for concrete and most masonry and stucco surfaces. Stonegard will not impair the natural breathing characteristics of treated surfaces. It will help masonry resist cracking, spalling, staining and other damage related to water ingress. Low odour, no polluting, no VOC

• Penetrates deeply for long lasting protection on vertical and horizontal surfaces
• Up to 10 years protection
• Surfaces breathe, does not trap moisture
• Low hazard
• No VOC
• Water based – no flammability issues
• Simple to use
• Low odour


Clean surfaces with Blasterolv and rinse with fresh water before applying. May be applied to damp surfaces, but best results are achieved on dry surfaces. Clean nearby windows before application and protect them from spray drift. If Stonegard is on window glass, then clean as soon as possible with soap and warm water. Do not apply at low temperatures (

Application rates:

Concrete 3.5 – 5.0 m2 per litre
Clay tiles etc 1.5 – 5.5 m2 per litre
Sandstone 2.0 – 3.5 m2 per litre

Not suitable for granite, marble, or slate.

Vertical surfaces – apply from bottom up, leave to penetrate for 10 mins, and then re-apply.

Horizontal surfaces – Saturate in a single application. Use enough to keep surface wet for 2 – 3 mins.

Drying times – touch dry in 1 hour. Protect from rainfall for 6 hours. Maximum protection after 72 hours.

*Always test on a small, unobtrusive area before use.

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