Non-hazardous Rust Converter and Protective Coating

Rustrazer is the answer to all rusty steel maintenance problems. It will help to stop the millions of pounds lost to rusting steel. This fantastic product is based on latest polymer technology, combined with the proven effectiveness of tannates. Rustrazer rapidly neutralises rust, passivates the surface and puts down a hard finish to protect from further attack.

Rustrazer is safe for the environment, it protects without zinc or heavy metals found in other rust converters.

• Neutralises, passivates, primes and protects all in one application
• Safe for the environment – contains no zinc
• Safe to use in food processing areas
• Non hazardous
• Use on damp surfaces
• Apply by brush or spray
• May be overcoated with any type of conventional paint
• Non flammable

Methods of Use
Remove loose rust and oil or grease from surface. Apply by brush or spray. If using air assisted spraying, dilute with a little clean cold water. Drying times depend on the temperature. At normal ambient temperatures Rustrazer will be touch dry in 10 minutes. At low temperatures drying times will be 40 –50 minutes.

The coverage rate depends on the degree of rusting present. For a lightly rusted surface that has been well prepared, one litre of Rustrazer will cover 10 – 11 m2. Optimum coat thickness is 40 microns.

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