Inhib NF

Inhib NF
Corrosion inhibitor

• High efficiency corrosion inhibitor for aqueous systems
• Low foam
• Clear solution for good component visibility
• Stops corrosion of ferrous metals and alloys
• No nitrites or phenolics

• Protection of ferrous metal in aqueous environments

Material Compatibility
• General ferrous alloys
• Cast iron
• Mild steel
• Stainless steels
• High tensile steels

Water Compatibility
• 50 to 400 ppm hardness as calcium carbonate

• For use in static and pumped water tanks. Use at a dilution of 5% by volume.
Mix well. If large numbers of components are being tested/immersed, it may be necessary to increase or replenish the concentration, depending on the amount of drag out.
• Note that at a concentration of 5%, the pH of the water will be circa 9.5. This may cause discolouration of brass and may attack aluminium and zinc components. Test before use to ensure that it is compatible with the work pieces being tested.

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