Ecotense Plus

Ecotense Plus Heavy duty cleaner ideal for removal of tyre marks

General Description

Ecotense Plus is a concentrated, water-soluble floor cleaner based on biodegradable raw materials. Ecotense Plus may be used in extraction/scrubbing machines and for bucket and mop applications. Ecotense Plus is ideal for removing rubber tyre marks from painted industrial floors.

Ecotense Plus is a low foam formulation ideal for use in extraction/scrubbing floor cleaning machines. Follow the instructions supplied by the machine manufacturers to determine quantity of Ecotense Plus to use. If the floor is extremely dirty with oil/grease etc it is recommended that the floor is soaked with a solution of Ecotense before using the extraction/scrubbing machine.

Ecotense Plus may also be mixed with water and used with a bucket and mop. The dilution is normally between 1:10 and 1:50 depending on the degree of contamination.


• Uses biodegradable surfactants
• Easily removes rubber tyre marks
• Helps to prevent corrosion
• Free rinsing to give sparkling results
• Highly concentrated – Low use costs.

Method of Use
For use in scrubber/dryer floor cleaning machines. Consult the machine’s handbook for details on use. For very heavy contamination, leave Ecotense Plus to penetrate before using the Scrubber machine.
May also be used for manual cleaning. Dilute with cold water. Dilute between 1:50 to 1:10 depending on the degree of contamination.

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