Ecosonic 2

Tough degreaser for sensitive materials

Ecosonic 2 is a concentrated, water-soluble detergent for use in dip tanks, spray washing machines and ultrasonic cleaning baths. Formulated to give strong cleaning and degreasing action on sensitive metals such as aluminium, copper, brass and zinc. Non-caustic formula reduces hazard to workshop personnel. Low foam formulation.

Special Features

  • Lower hazard
  • Use hot or cold
  • Safe to use on sensitive metals
  • Free rinsing
  • Low foam

Method of Use
Ecosonic 2 is a concentrated product and is normally used at a concentration of 1% for
light soiling and up to 5% for heavy soiling. Heavy contamination may require higher

Optimum cleaning results and minimum foaming will be obtained when used hot –
between 60 to 85 oC

Always rinse components with fresh clean water after degreasing.
Never allow components to dry without first rinsing with clean water.

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