Duron Tempmaster

Duron Tempmaster is a special high performance high temperature grease containing Zonyl® PTFE. from Du Pont, the inventors of PTFE.

The remarkable lubrication properties of Zonyl® combined with our unique manufacturing process means that Duron
Tempmaster will protect and lubricate in areas where other products do not have a chance.
Duron Tempmaster with Zonyl® has the extra benefit of bringing microscopic particles of PTFE to the areas to be lubricated.
These particles are the finest PTFE grade available, providing “dry film” lubrication even if the grease has been washed out
of the bearing.

The advantages of Duron Tempmaster with Zonyl®

  • Provides long term lubrication at high temperatures, extending lubrication intervals.
  • Greatly reduced formation of carbon deposits associated with many high temp greases
  • Good sealing properties protects components working in wet environments from corrosion.
  • Zonyl PTFE solid lubricant improves ant-wear performance prolonging component life.
  • Does not affect most types of rubber sealing materials.

Typical physical properties

Appearance White semi-translucent grease
NLGI Classification 2
Thickener Silica
Drop point (IP 132) None
Base oil High viscosity silicone oil
Shell Four Ball (IP239) (IP239)
Weld load 180kg
Mean Hertz load 30kg
Operating temperature range -20oC to +220oC
DN factor 200000
Copper corrosion (IP112) Negative
Dynamic corrosion resistance EMCOR (IP220) 0:0


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