Duron Multip 2

High Performance Lithium No 2 Grease with Zonyl® PTFE from Du Pont

Duron Multip 2 is a special high performance grease containing Zonyl® PTFE.
Duron Multip 2 with Zonyl® has the extra benefit of bringing microscopic particles of PTFE to the areas to be lubricated. These particles are the finest PTFE grade available, providing “dry film” lubrication even if the grease has been washed out of the bearing.
Duron Multip 2 with Zonyl® is ideal for use in lubricating all types of machinery.

  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent oil separation
  • Wide temperature range
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Compatibility with other greases
  • Leaves PTFE film to provide long lasting lubrication


Colour Pale Fawn
Worked penetration (IP50) – 265 – 295
NLGI Classification – No.2
Dropping point (IP 132) oC – -20 to +140
Operating temperature range oC -20 to +140
Free acidity (as Oleic IP37) 0.1%
Oil separation (IP121) 5% max
Oxidation stability (IP142)
168 hrs @ 99oC pressure drop psi 4
Copper corrosion (IP112) Negative
Aluminium corrosion (Mod.IP112) Negative
Mild steel corrosion (Mod.IP112 Negative
% Soap 10
% Mineral oil 88
Ventmeter pressure @ 70oF psi 450
Water washout (ASTM D1264) @ 38oC 3%


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