Duron Hi Spin

High speed barium complex grease

Duron Hi Spin is a No 2 synthetic grease designed for high speed applications over a wide temperature range. It contains a barium complex soap and has excellent pressure absorption capacity.
Duron Hi Spin gives good protection against corrosion and wear, and will withstand oxidation at high operating temperatures. It has excellent resistance to water and aggressive environments.

Applications: The high mechanical stability makes it suitable for high speed spindle bearings in machine tools and textile machines, ball screws under high loads, high speed precision machining and running gear bearings.

Typical Product data

Appearance light brown grease
Density 0.98 kg/m3 ASTM D.941
Speed Factor DN >850000
Temperature Range o C -38 to 135
Worked Penetration 270 – 295 ISO 2137
Four ball wear scar diameter 0.50mm max
Four ball weld load 320kg min
Copper Corrosion 24hours at 100C 1b Max ASTM D.4048
Oxidation stability 100 o C 0.50 Max ASTM D.942
Water wash-out 80 o C 1.50% Max ASTM D.1264

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