Duron Foodmaster Clear 2

Food safe No 2 grease with PTFE

Duron Foodmaster Clear 2 is the latest generation food safe grease. It is manufactured using pure, non-toxic synthetic base oils combined with PTFE and a complex mix of antioxidant and EP packages. This makes Duron Foodmaster Clear 2 a versatile tool for use in many applications across all type of industries.

The advantages of Duron Foodmaster Clear 2

• Completely resistant to salt water and high humidity environments.
• Dielectric, may be used to protect electrical equipment from the ingress of water.
• Has a wide temperature operating range.
• Lubricates bearings, chains and sliding surfaces, including plastic bearings and runners.
• Is a clean, food safe lubricant.

Typical physical properties

Appearance Translucent/white tacky grease
NLGI Classification 2
Drop point (IP 132) non melting
Operating temperature range -400C to +2600C
Water resistance 100% (hydrophobic base oil and thick)
Penetration 280

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