Dry Skid Aerosol

Dry lubricant with Zonyl® PTFE from Du Pont

Dry Skid Aerosol is a concentrated Zonyl® PTFE aerosol spray, producing a dry, low friction coating.

Dry Skid bonds to all types of hard surfaces such as metals, plastics, wood, paper etc. Once the coating has dried it is inert and is suitable for use in all types of applications, including use in the food and drinks industry. Dry Skid does not leave sticky deposits and does not attract dust and dirt.

Dry Skid is not affected by water, oil, solvents etc. and will maintain its lubricating properties over a very wide temperature range.


• Long lasting dry film lubricant with Zonyl® PTFE
• Clean and easy to use
• No black marks or sticky deposits
• Food safe
• Not affected by water or oils
• Leaves a clean dry low friction surface
• Wide temperature range –40oC to 260oC

Method of Application
Make sure surface to be coated is clean and dry. Shake can well. Spray surface from a distance of approximately 30 cm. Apply a thin even film. Leave to dry for 2 or 3 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

Zonyl® is the registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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