Safe Washroom Deodoriser and Cleaner

Cascade is a concentrated cleaning product based on natural biodegradable detergents, organic acids. Cascade may be used for cleaning toilets, urinals, walls, floors and worktops etc. Cascade also has descaling properties and leaves a fresh fragrant atmosphere. Cascade is the safe solution when a mild acid renovator is required for daily application. Cascade removes scale and dirt and leaves a fresh smell in the air.

Special Features

• Safe in use
• Concentrated product therefore economical in use
• Viscous and works well on vertical surfaces
• Formulated from pure naturally occurring ingredients
• Fully biodegradable
• Water soluble
• Leaves a pleasant odour

Typical Applications

• Toilets
• Urinals
• Tiles and bathrooms
• Floors & walls
• Worktops

Method of Use

The natural acids have excellent descaling properties. Cascade is effective on vertical surfaces due to its high viscosity. Cascade leaves a beautiful shine after cleaning. Cascade may be applied by spraying or brushing.

Rinse off with water after cleaning.

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