Low hazard water dilutable cleaner and degreaser

The perfect product for all hard surface cleaning. Removes oils, grease, dirt and debris leaving surfaces clean and safe. Contains a water-soluble solvent for extra performance.

• Safe for use on all hard surfaces.
• Effective in hard or soft water and hot or cold solutions.
• Does not attack plastics
• Leaves surfaces clean, and safe.
• Multi-purpose product.
• Non flammable, no dangerous fumes, contains corrosion inhibitors.
• Biodegradable. Phosphate free.

• Display signs
• Road signs
• Plastic structures
• Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
• Floors and walls
• Concrete, ceramics and tiles

Apply by mop, spray, brush, or pressure washer. Allow to penetrate, then wipe clean. The following dilution rates are suggested:

• Heavy duty grease, oil and dirt removal 1: 5 with water
• Ventilation fans, machinery, garage and shop equipment 1:10 with water
• Lightly soiled walls, painted woodwork 1:30 with water
• Signs, ceramic surfaces 1:50 with water

Note – Strong solutions of Blastersolv should not be left on glass surfaces. Rinse off with fresh water. May cause clouding of the glass if not rinsed.
Alkaline nature of product may cause discolouration and/or corrosion of aluminium, zinc, brass and other light metal alloys if concentrated solutions are left in contact with the metal for extended periods. Always rinse with fresh water if strong solutions are used

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