Replaces halogenated and aromatic solvents

Biosol is a unique cleaning and degreasing solvent formulated with a naturally occurring substance. Biosol is a high performance, safer replacement for dangerous cleaners and degreasers based on halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents. Excellent degreasing performance ensures components are cleaned quickly and efficiently without compromising health and safety issues.

• Cuts through oils and greases quickly and effectively
• Low volatility reduces solvent usage
• Air dries without residue
• Far safer than traditional cleaners such as thinners, trike, and caustic

Typical Applications
• Cleaning and degreasing of all types of plant and machinery
• Cleaning oil residues from all types of hard surfaces
• Removal of ink residues from printing equipment
• Removal of adhesive deposits from floors and machinery
• Removal of heavy grease from bearings and slideways

Method of Use
• Biosol should always be used neat. Do not mix with water.
• Biosol is always used cold.
• Switch of power before applying
• Apply by spray, dip, or swab.
• May attack some plastics – test on small area before use

Drying times may be greatly reduced by removal of excess Biosol with compressed air.

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