Biopower 2

Hard surface degreaser for use in food processing areas

• The ideal food and drink plant cleaner
• Emulsifies animal and vegetable oils and fats leaving all plant clean and fat free
• Penetrates and disperses shortenings, syrups and food deposits – leaves floors and working surfaces hygienically clean
• Fully biodegradable, phosphate free
• No odour
• Controlled foam, no excessive rinsing required.

Areas of use

Biopower 2 is ideal for use in:

• Kitchens, Restaurants, Bars
• Food industry
• Bakers, Brewers, Bottlers, Confectioners
• Meat and fish processing plants
• Food storage areas
• Supermarkets
• Delivery vehicles
• Agricultural businesses, Abattoirs

How to use
May be used with mops and buckets etc, or through pressure washing equipment. For grease and fat removal dilute 1:20 with hot water
For general cleaning dilute up to 1:100 with hot or warm water. Amount of dilution depends on degree of soiling.

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