• Rustrazer

    Non-hazardous Rust Converter and Protective Coating Description Rustrazer is the answer to all rusty steel maintenance problems. It will help to stop the millions of pounds lost to rusting steel. This fantastic product is based on latest polymer technology, combined with the proven effectiveness of tannates. Rustrazer rapidly neutralises rust, passivates the surface and puts […]

  • Safe Hands

    Fast acting, convenient hand decontamination gel Safe Hands is a quick acting, easy to use hand gel that dries quickly and requires no rinsing. Safe Hands is an excellent broad spectrum microbiocide, virucide and fungicide. It will quickly and easily help to reduce the spread of infections picked up by skin contact. • No washing […]

  • Sapphire

    Plastics, stainless steel, glass and ceramics cleaner. 

  • Sileco

    Silicone spray in ozone friendly solvent. 

  • Superclean

    Safe neutral cleaner for all hard surfaces. 

  • Tek Foodsure 2

    A special high performance food safe grease containing Zonyl® PTFE.

  • Tek Foodsure Clear 2 Aerosol

    Fully synthetic food safe grease with ptfe dispersion.

  • Zip Clean MC

    Fast drying cleaning and degreasing solvent.