• Ecosonic 2

    A concentrated, water-soluble detergent for use in dip tanks, spray washing machines & ultrasonic cleaning baths. Tough degreaser for sensitive materials.

  • Ecosurge

    Non-hazardous Drain De-silt and De-sludge Agent Description Ecosurge is an aqueous blend of biodegradable flocculating agents which clears mud and silt build up and restores full flow to silted sewers and drains. Non hazardous formulation with no risk to staff or drainage systems. Regular application prevents the build up of mud and silt ensuring maximum […]

  • Ecotef 251

    Anti-wear and EP Additive with Zonyl® PTFE for Gearbox Oils Ecotef 251 is a revolutionary additive for gearbox oils that will improve lubrication and reduce friction and wear and tear. Ecotef 251 contains Zonyl® PTFE from Du Pont, the world leaders in PTFE technology. Ecotef 251 solves the problems associated with cold starts and high […]

  • Ecotense

    Safe Biodegradable Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner for use with extraction/scrubbing machines.

  • Ecotense – degreaser

    Safer Biodegradable Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser Ecotense is a concentrated, water-soluble de-greaser based on 100% biodegradable raw materials. High power and low foam combined with low hazard rating, makes Ecotense an excellent choice for use in heavy duty cleaning applications The dilution is normally between 1:10 and 1:50 depending on the degree of contamination. If […]

  • Ecotense NF

    Safer, biodegradable heavy duty floor cleaner for use with extraction/scrubbing machines.

  • Ecotense Plus

    Ecotense Plus is a concentrated, water-soluble floor cleaner based on biodegradable raw materials. Can be used in extraction/scrubbing machines.

  • Ecozorb II

    Ecozorb II is a professional absorption product for dealing with all types of liquids e.g. acids, alkalis, oils, greases, water etc.

  • EP 101 Rust Preventative

    A heavy duty high solids metal preservative coating in dearomatised solvent. 

  • EP Wash

    EP Wash is a biodegradable decontamination product for use in high pressure cleaners. Highly concentrated, safe in use, non corrosive & ecologically safe.

  • Extrasol

    Extrasol is the safer, cold cleaning alternative to hazardous products based on
    solvents such as methylene chloride and trichloroethylene.

  • Gum Solve

    Gum Solve is a lower hazard product for the safer and effective removal of chewing gum, labels, and adhesives from floors, pavements, roads etc.

  • Lubron 251

    A revolutionary additive for gearbox oils. Will improve lubrication and reduce friction and wear & tear.

  • Lubron Ecotef

    Lubron Ecotef with Zonyl® is ideal for use in lubricating, protecting, penetrating, freeing, and all types of maintenance lubrication.

  • Lubron Ecotef

    Lubron Ecotef is a special universal lubricant containing penetrants, corrosion inhibitors, water displacing agents
    and Zonyl® PTFE.

  • Lubron Food Safe

    Lubron Food Safe is a special food safe lubricant containing a blend of food safe oils and Zonyl® PTFE.