• Easy Off!

    Easy Off! is a unique, pure cleaning solvent formulated from low hazard materials, developed for the removal of self-adhesive labels and adhesive residues from cars, trucks, freight trains etc.

  • Eco Metal FG

    SDS_EP23 Eco Metal FG (Revision 1)Safer Cleaner for Stainless Steel and Other Metals Eco Metal FG is a biodegradable metal working product especially developed to safely and quickly clean up welding marks on stainless steel. The traditional cleaning agents are very hazardous to personnel and the environment. They give off highly toxic fumes when they […]

  • Eco Power 200

    SDS_EP37 Eco Power 200 (Revision 1)Safer Solvent Cleaner Eco Power 200 is a very high purity solvent derived from natural occurring substances. It is based on lactic acid as found in milk products. Eco Power 200 is a green solvent that does not damage the ozone layer, is 100% readily biodegradable, has a low VOC […]

  • Eco Power 233

    Metal Cleaning Solvent Uses Cleaning and degreasing machine parts Cleaning tools Degreasing of metals Degreasing bearings Metal preparation prior to painting Application Ecosol 233 should be always be used cold and not mixed with water. May be sprayed on, used in cold dip tanks, or used on a cloth for wiping down etc. Drying times […]

  • Ecomastic

    Silicone sealant remover Description Low hazard, fast acting sealant remover. Features Safe for the environment Fast acting Low hazard Effective cleaner Removes silicone and acrylic sealants Application Manually remove as much as possible of the old sealant. Shake bottle and test on an unobtrusive area to ensure compatible with any plastic surfaces. Apply using the […]

  • Ecomelt

    Melts Ice and Snow and has low environmental impact Ecomelt has a unique heating effect and penetrates deeply into the layer of snow or ice. Ecomelt works 30 times faster than salt and helps to prevent re-freezing. The environment friendly composition of Ecomelt will not harm plants and vegetation, cause rust on metal fittings, plant […]

  • Ecoprint

    Low hazard pressroom floor and machinery cleaner Ecoprint is the non-flammable, non-combustible, alternative to the dangerous solvent products currently in use to clean floors and machinery in the print industry. Efficiently cleans and removes solvent-based inks from pressroom floors and other hard surfaces. May also be used to clean press peripherals, where aqueous cleaners are […]

  • Ecosem NF

    Description Ecosem NF is a water soluble, biodegradable, low hazard product for the removal of cement, concrete, algae, rust and scale from all types of brick surfaces. It may also be used for the renovation and refurbishment of brick and ceramic surfaces. The Problems Cement stains on tiles, walls, stairs, window frames usually need to […]

  • Ecoshine

    Stainless Steel Polish General Description Ecoshine is a low hazard stainless steel cleaner especially developed to safely and quickly clean and brighten brushed stainless steel finishes. These are typically found on modern kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, cookers, dishwashers etc. Special Features • Quickly removes fingerprints and food residues from all types of brushed stainless […]

  • Ecosol 40

    A Safer Solvent Cleaner, Ecosol 40 is a blend of high purity aliphatic hydrocarbons with a very low aromatic content.

  • Ecosol 500

    Ecosol 500 is the safer, cold cleaning alternative to hazardous products based on solvents such as dichloromethane, thinners, acetone or xylenes.

  • Ecosol 60

    Ecosol 60 provides a safer alternative to some of the hazardous and expensive products in the marketplace.

  • Ecosol 60

    Ecosol 60 is the safer, cold cleaning alternative to hazardous products based on solvents such as methylene chloride and trichloroethylene. Not classified as flammable.

  • Ecosol 60 Plus

    Ecosol 60 Plus is a very safe cleaner/degreaser. Ecosol 60 Plus is developed to remove all types of soils such as oil, grease, light bitumen, ink etc.

  • Ecosonic

    Ecosonic is a concentrated, water-soluble detergent for use with ultrasonic cleaning systems. Is low foam, but has a powerful cleaning action.

  • Ecosonic 2

    Formulated to give strong cleaning and degreasing action on sensitive metals such as aluminium, copper, brass and zinc.